How To Do Driver’s License Verification Online

Verifying the validity and authenticity of a person’s driver’s license is known as driver’s license verification. Verification of a driver’s license is usually done by organisations or companies that need documentation from people proving their licenses are legitimate. These groups or companies might be service providers, governmental bodies, or employers.

The method for verifying a driver’s license might change based on the jurisdiction and the particular needs of the company doing the verification. Confirming the driver’s license number, issuance and expiration dates, and the issuing authority is frequently necessary. The driver’s license may be physically examined, compared to a database of legitimate licenses, or verified online using tools made available by the appropriate authorities. We will explicitly address online driver’s license verification in this post.

Why Driver’s License Verification?

A driver’s license verification has several functions, such as verifying that an individual is who they say they are, ensuring they are following the law, and determining if they qualify for services or privileges requiring a current license. It assists companies in reducing the dangers connected with counterfeit licenses, locating people with a history of moving infractions or license suspensions, and making decisions based on current, reliable information.

Remembering that different nations may have other policies and processes when verifying driver’s licenses is crucial. For this reason, it is essential to refer to the appropriate authorities or legal resources to comprehend the precise procedures and requirements that apply to a certain circumstance. In this piece, Nigeria will be the geographic focus.

Verification of Driver’s License in Nigeria

Having a valid driver’s license is one requirement for being able to drive on Nigerian roadways. The Federal Government’s agency in charge of granting, renewing, and confirming the legitimacy of driver’s licenses in Nigeria is the Federal Road Safety Commission.

Since a driver’s license is required for everyone who drives, some people get their license illegally using proxies. As a result, fake driver’s licenses have become more common. Determining the legitimacy and validity of driver’s licenses is the main goal of license verification.

Instructions For Verifying A Driver’s License Online in Nigeria

The procedures for verifying a driver’s license online in Nigeria are as follows:

  1. If you have already registered an account, visit and click the drop-down option to sign in. Click “sign up” on the site if you don’t already have an account.
  1. Following your registration, you will receive an email from [email protected], the FRSC NDLV Portal, requesting that you validate your account. To verify your registration, click the email’s link.
  1. After your successful confirmation, log in to the Nigeria Driver’s License Verification (NDLV) site dashboard using your login credentials.
  1. Complete the verification form on your dashboard as necessary.
  1. Continue uploading the pictures of your driver’s license from the front and rear.
  1. attach a scanned letter outlining your reasons for requiring your driver’s license to be confirmed.
  1. Next, choose the legitimate identity document that the government has provided you by clicking on “Applicant’s proof of identification.” Then, upload the identification verification.
  1. After choosing “Drivers License Verification” from the list of options, click “Request type.”
  1. Click “Receiving Country” and choose “Nigeria” from the drop-down box.
  1. The recipient’s email address should then be entered. Include the phone number and address of the receiver.
  1. In the “Shipping and Payment” box, select “Shipping Details” and provide the shipment location to which you would like your verified request sent.
  1. Click “Delivery Option” (Digital Copy, Pickup at FRSC RSHQ, or Courier Service) to select your desired delivery option. Fill out “Payment Details” as you go.
  1. Send the verification request by selecting “Save and Continue to Pay.” It takes a while to obtain feedback after completing the FRSC portal’s online driver’s license verification process, and it is laborious.

Documents Required for Driver’s License Verification Online

The online driver’s license verification process will require the following documents:

  1. To be confirmed is the driver’s license
  1. A request letter outlining the justifications for the examination.
  1. A legitimate identity document issued by the government

A driver’s license verification may be easily completed online by following step-by-step instructions.


It is important to remember that rules and procedures pertaining to verifying driver’s licenses may differ significantly across countries. Because of this, it is crucial to consult the relevant authorities or legal resources to fully understand the specific protocols and standards pertinent to a certain situation. Nigeria will be the geographic emphasis of this essay.

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