How To Change BVN With Phone Number

In 2014, the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) collaborated to create the Bank Verification Number (BVN). The main objective of the BVN was to address fraud, money laundering, and identity theft in the nation’s financial sector. Let’s look into the Guide to Change the BVN Phone Number.

The goal of the BVN program was to establish a single, centralized biometric database that all Nigerian banks would use to identify and validate their clientele. It entailed gathering and registering biometric information from bank clients, such as fingerprints and face recognition.

What Is BVN

In Nigeria’s banking system, each person is given a unique identification number known as their bank verification number (BVN). It is a centralized system that connects personal information with biometric data, such as fingerprints and face recognition. By confirming and certifying bank clients’ identities, the BVN helps to increase security and transparency while lowering fraud in the banking industry.

To complete the registration procedure, people had to go to their local banks and give their biometric data and personal information like name, address, and birthdate. After that, the consolidated database had these facts.

After registering, clients were given a special 11-digit BVN in Nigeria as their bank-wide identification number. The BVN enabled banks to swiftly and efficiently verify their clients’ identities, lowering the possibility of fraud and fostering financial openness.

Since its introduction, obtaining the BVN has become necessary for creating new bank accounts in Nigeria. To guarantee adherence to the order, current account holders must link their accounts with their BVN. The BVN system has effectively reduced fraudulent activity and strengthened the integrity of the Nigerian financial system.

How To Get A BVN?

To get a Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Nigeria, one needs to do the following:

  1. Go to any bank branch: Pick a bank that offers BVN enrollment services or a bank where you already have an account.
  2. Request the BVN enrollment form: Request the BVN registration form from the bank staff. They’ll provide the paperwork you need to start the registration procedure.

iii. Complete the BVN enrollment form: On the BVN enrollment form, Provide correct and current personal information, including your complete name, date of birth, phone number, address, and other necessary details.

  1. Present supporting documentation: To prove your identity, present legitimate identification documents. Valid passports, driver’s licenses, national ID cards, and voter cards are examples of acceptable documentation.
  2. Finish the biometric data collection process: Enter the bank and go to the appropriate location to complete the biometric data collection procedure. Usually, a picture and your fingerprints are taken for this. Data related to facial recognition may also be gathered sometimes.
  3. Obtain a BVN acknowledgment slip: The bank will provide you with a BVN acknowledgment slip following successful registration. Your individual 11-digit BVN and other pertinent data are on this slip. This slip is your evidence of BVN registration; therefore, keep it secure.

vii. Connect your BVN to your bank accounts: If you already have bank accounts, go to each one and connect your BVN to your accounts there. Doing this step may ensure that your accounts at various banks are linked to your BVN.

Why Do People Modify Their Phone Numbers for BVN?

For a variety of reasons, people may alter their Bank Verification Number (BVN) phone number, such as

1. Modification of a private phone number:

People may change their phone numbers for various reasons, including upgrading to a new SIM card, changing mobile network providers, or updating contact details. When their BVN was initially registered, they could have used a different phone number. They must update the phone number linked to their BVN to ensure that it accurately represents their current contact information.

2. Stolen or misplaced phone:

If someone’s phone is lost or stolen, changing their BVN phone number is a good idea to guard against identity theft. By altering their BVN phone number, they can ensure that communications and notifications about their BVN are sent to their new phone number.

 3. Privacy and security concerns:

If someone feels that their current BVN phone number has been hacked or would like to improve their security and privacy, they can change it. This can be especially important if their existing phone number has been the target of unwanted calls, texts, or even phishing efforts.

It is imperative to have the BVN phone number current to guarantee smooth contact with the banking system and to receive critical notifications, alerts, and information from the bank. To change their BVN phone number, people usually go to their bank branch and follow the instructions for altering their contact information.

How to Modify BVN Phone Number

Depending on the regulations and processes of the bank where the Bank Verification Number (BVN) was registered, there may be modest variations in the criteria for altering the BVN phone number. Nonetheless, the following conditions must be met to modify the BVN phone number:

1. Pay a visit to the bank branch:

You must go to the bank branch where you registered your BVN. Typically, this is the bank that handles your BVN enrollment or the bank where your primary account is located.

2. Request for BVN Update/Change Form:

Please fill out the BVN update/change request form and submit it. Usually, the bank’s customer service or BVN enrollment desk has this form available. Please fill in the following fields with correct and current information.

3. Supplementary Materials:

To prove your identity and make changing your BVN phone number easier, present legitimate identification documents. A valid driver’s license, voter’s card, national ID card, or passport are acceptable identity papers.

4. Documentation of New Phone Number Ownership:

Certain banks can ask you to show proof that you are the owner of the new phone number. A SIM card, phone bill, or any other document with your name and the unique phone number can be used to prove this.

5. Acknowledgment slip for BVN:

Show the recognition sheet for BVN that you were given at the time of your initial BVN registration. This slip provides evidence of your BVN registration and has your exclusive 11-digit BVN on it.

6. Verification via biometrics:

It’s possible that you’ll have to submit to biometric verification, which usually entails taking your fingerprints and occasionally face recognition information. In addition to ensuring that the modifications are applied to the right BVN record, this step aids with identity authentication.


It is significant to remember that different banks may have somewhat different rules and processes for altering the BVN phone number. For more information on your bank’s BVN update/change procedure, it is recommended that you get in touch with them or visit their website.

Why It Is Not Possible To Change BVN Phone Numbers Online

For security purposes and to avoid unauthorized changes to personal data, BVN phone numbers cannot be altered online. Changing a BVN phone number online is usually not possible for the following reasons:

1. Verification of Identity

It is necessary to confirm the identification of the person making the request in order to change BVN phone numbers. Banks must make sure that the individual making the modification is the rightful owner of the account. In-person verification usually accomplishes this at a bank branch, where it is possible to validate the person’s identity documents and biometric information.

2. Guarding Against Fraud and Unauthorized Entry

Modifying BVN phone numbers online may provide fraudulent and unauthorized parties with ways to access private accounts and confidential data. The process is more secure and less likely to include fraudulent activity when it is carried out in person at the bank.

3. Requirements for Law and Regulation

Nigerian banks are subject to a number of legal and regulatory obligations pertaining to data protection, fraud prevention, and client identity. Banks are assisted in ensuring compliance with these requirements and reducing the risks associated with unauthorized modifications by the in-person verification process for BVN phone number changes.

4. Safeguarding Client Information

A vital piece of personal identity data, the BVN is connected to a range of banking operations and transactions. The danger of unlawful access to personal data is decreased by requiring physical presence at the bank, protecting the confidentiality and security of the customer’s information.


Although changing BVN phone numbers online could be more convenient for consumers, the present processes prioritize security and adhere to legal requirements to safeguard consumers’ interests. In order to maintain the integrity of the BVN system, banks strive to balance ease of use and security in their procedures.

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