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How Much International Passport Cost in Nigeria

Seeing the world often requires crossing borders, which means having the right documents. For Nigerians looking to jet overseas, a Nigerian international passport is essential. Obtaining one can be confusing, especially for first-time travelers unfamiliar with the process and costs.

This guide includes key factors to consider when applying for your passport. We will explore the steps involved and provide clarity on current fees. With these insights, you can navigate the passport application smoothly and avoid surprise expenses.

Whether you dream of an African safari or a European vacation, a passport unlocks your ability to explore new horizons. Let us walk you through everything needed to get this critical travel document. Our goal is to make your overseas adventures accessible, affordable, and full of excitement. Your global journey starts here.

What Is International Passport?

Jet-setting to foreign lands requires more than just packing a suitcase – it calls for an essential travel document known as an international passport. Issued by governments worldwide, passports enable us to traverse borders and explore the planet legally. But what exactly are they, and why are they vital for world travelers?

A passport verifies your identity and citizenship status to officials abroad through various personal details – your full legal name, birthdate, passport number, expiration date, photograph, and signature. This confirmation certifies that you are who you claim to be and possess permission to exit your homeland as a citizen.

Furthermore, passports contain blank visa pages for documenting your adventures with entry stamps and stickers from foreign nations. These markings chronicle your travels, designating that you legally entered different countries. Certain places may even require multiple free pages before permitting access.

Your passport is your golden ticket to maneuvering the world with ease. It grants you acceptance across borders and the right to immerse yourself in new cultures. While a small booklet, it represents your membership in a global community.

A passport is the quintessential travel necessity. It confirms your legitimacy and enables entrance worldwide. It crystallizes the concept of global citizenship, allowing you to roam the planet freely. Your passport unlocks the door to world travel – never leave home without it.

Nigerian Passport Requirements

Let’s see what the requirements are for different types of passports.

The four types of passports that the Nigerian government issues are:

  1. Standard International Passport
  2. Official International Passport
  3. Seamans Book
  4. Diplomatic International Passport

Standard International Passport

This passport is provided to Nigerians who travel regularly. Moreover, its color is green, and it expires in 10 years.

Documents Requirement

  1. Identification Letter from the local government council of origin
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. 2 passport photographs with white background
  4. Guarantor’s form
  5. If you are under 16, a consent form
  6. If you are married, a marriage certificate
  7. If your international passport has been stolen, then submit a police report

Official International Passport

An official international passport is for you if you’re a government official or Nigerian ambassador. This passport is blue and has a life span of 5 years.

Documents Requirement

  1. A letter of appointment from any appropriate level of government at the State or Federal level
  2. If you are married, a marriage certificate
  3. If your international passport has been stolen, then submit a police report
  4. Letter of appointment or Promotion
  5. An Application

Seamans Book

The Seamans Book is for Nigerians who travel by sea. The color of Seamans Book is maroon.

Documents Requirement

  1. Identification letter as proof that you are a seaman
  2. Application Form
  3. Local Government Letter of Identification
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. 2 passport photographs with white background

Diplomatic International Passport

The government officials going out for official assignments are given this red diplomatic passport. It is free of charge since they are going for government work.

Process to Apply for Diplomatic International Passport

If you want to get a diplomatic passport, you’ve got to submit an application to the Comptroller General at the Nigeria Immigration Service headquarters. Submit the following documents along with the application:

  1. 2 passport photographs with white background
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Appointment Letter
  4. Return certificate from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

Wait for the confirmation of the documents, and then do the biometric verification for the Nigerian passport.

Documents Requirement

  1. A slip of acknowledgement
  2. Payment Receipt
  3. 2 passport photographs with white background
  4. Copy of application form
  5. Papers signed by two guarantors


The guarantors who sign your paper are vouching for you and confirming your identity and character. These steps keep the whole passport system secure and ensure everything is authentic. Therefore, you must choose your guarantors carefully since they will get you the passport.


Documents by Guarantors

  1. Copy of the Data Page of the Nigerian Standard International Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. ID card


The Cost of International Passport in Nigeria

If you are ready to apply for a passport, you must manage your budget. You need to consider the cost since it could be expensive if you don’t know the process. Keep in mind the following:


  1. The fees for an international passport
  2. Biometric verification Fee
  3. Photographs of passport
  4. Fees for a birth certificate, driving license, etc


These costs could vary because of various factors, such as whether you want a new document, want to renew it, or have lost the original one.

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) International Passport Application Fees by Age and Booklet Type


The table for the cost is:


Ages: AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
Booklet Type:

32 Pages:

64 Pages:












Renewal Cost for the International Passport in Nigeria

As there are different factors contributing to the cost of getting a new international passport, there are various factors for the renewal, too. Those factors are:


  1. Age
  2. Number of pages in the booklet
  3. The expiration duration for the passport is either 5 years or 10.



Ages: Ages 0-17 Ages 18-59 Ages 60+

32 Pages:

64 Pages:










Address Verification Fees ₦2,000


32 Pages Total: ₦10,750


64 Pages Total: ₦22,000



32 Pages Total: ₦17,000


64 Pages Total: ₦22,000



32 Pages Total: ₦10,750


64 Pages Total: ₦22,000


Factors affecting the cost of a Nigerian International Passport


Types of Booklets

For a 32-page booklet, the price is lower, but for a 64-page booklet, it is higher.


Expiration Period

The cost of purchasing the booklets is influenced by the quantity of leaves, or pages, on them. Two types of booklets are available: a 32-page booklet with a 5-year validity term and a 64-page booklet with a 10-year validity period.



A Nigerian international passport is far more expensive in the southern part of the country than in the northern. The disparity in the amount of individuals departing the nation from the North and the South (except from Abuja) is the cause.


While the price of obtaining an international passport in Nigeria may differ based on the factors mentioned earlier, applicants must adhere to all guidelines and regulations to avoid needless delays and denials.


Step-by-Step Guide

After you complete the application and decide to submit it, you will see the application details page. Once you have done all this, you move on to the payment section. The bank and credit card methods are two ways of paying online fees. The steps are as follows:


  1. Firstly, click “Proceed to Online Payment” to go forward to the fee payment.
  2. You can pay in dollars or naira by selecting “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars.” Then click on “Continue.”
  3. Choose the preferred currency.


 Bank Payment Method

Follow the following steps, step by step, to pay using the bank method:


  1. At the payment method, choose the option “Bank.”
  2. Select the bank you want to pay with from the list and click on “Continue. “
  3. There will be a button called “Print Acknowledgment.” This will print everything: transaction ID, application ID, and reference number.
  4. Proceed by using your “Print Acknowledgment” slip.


Once you have paid the payment, you will get an “approved payment platform provider” receipt. This will have your “validation number.” This validation number will help you get approval from the NIS portal.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Method

Now let’s see the credit/debit card method:

  1. At the payment method, choose “Credit or Debit Card.”
  2. Log in to the portal by entering your credentials and clicking on the “Log in” button. Click on the “Pay” button and see your application details. Then press “Continue.”
  3. The page you have been directed to is used for the payment; choose “Value Card.”
  4. By entering your details, click “OK,” and your “verification number” will be generated, which you must save for the confirmation.
  5. “Print the Receipt” is used to print the receipt.


Confirm your payment using your verification number

Follow the following steps after copying your verification number that has been generated after the payment:

  1. On the NIS portal, enter your reference ID and International Passport Application ID after going to the “Query your Application Payment status.”
  2. Enter your receipt number in the “validation number” field.
  3. Once you click the “search record” button, you will be taken to the ” applicant’s detail page, ” where you will find your interview date.
  4. Print your NIS slip.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s crucial to remember that the price of an international passport in Nigeria might fluctuate over time. Furthermore, be aware that the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) does not support applying for an international passport through roadside sellers since doing so might result in the applicant’s request being canceled. In addition to providing information, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website allows you to apply for an international passport for a normal cost.

After reading this, we hope you will know more about the requirements for obtaining a Nigerian international passport and how much it will cost.

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