Requirements For International Passport in Nigeria

Crossing borders to see the world frequently necessitates the proper paperwork. A Nigerian international passport is necessary for Nigerians who want to go abroad. Getting one can be complicated, particularly for first-time visitors who are not familiar with the procedure or expenses. Let’s find the International Passport Requirements in Nigeria.

The most important things to think about while applying for a passport are broken down in this article. We’ll go over the procedures and give an explanation of the current prices. With these tips, you can apply for a passport with ease and steer clear of unforeseen costs.

With a passport, you may go to new places and pursue your travel goals, whether they involve an African safari or a vacation in Europe. Allow us to guide you through every step of obtaining this essential travel document. Our mission is to make traveling abroad exciting, accessible, and reasonably priced.


Types of Nigerian Passports

There are five different types of passports for different kinds of individuals. You need to find the right one for yourself, and we’ll help you find the right one. These are different passports:

Standard Passport

Those who travel often from Nigeria to anywhere around the world are given this passport. Moreover, it has a green color and a ten-year expiration date.

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic passports are only issued to important individuals, such as government ambassadors and senior officials. This kind of passport is available to the President, Vice President, Governors, Senators, and other high-ranking officials. The distinctive crimson cover of the diplomatic passport makes it easy to identify.

Official Passport

An official foreign passport is appropriate for those who work for the government or represent Nigeria abroad. This passport is blue, and it has a five-year validity period.

Seaman’s Passport

The Seaman’s Book is intended for Nigerian maritime travelers. Seaman’s Book is maroon in color.

Pilgrim’s Passport

For Nigerian nationals traveling on religious pilgrimages to holy places like Mecca and Jerusalem, the Nigerian Immigration Services issues the pilgrim passport. The pilgrim passport does not have a set cover color because of security concerns. Rather, it could change to protect the integrity and security of the document.

General Requirements for the Passport

An international passport verifies your identity and citizenship status to officials abroad through various personal details – your full legal name, birthdate, passport number, expiration date, photograph, and signature. There are certain requirements you must fulfill to get the passport, and then you can go around the world. Moreover, these requirements will vary depending on the situation, whether you are getting it for the first time or renewing it.

First-time Passport

If you are getting it for the first time, you may get confused. That’s why we’ll mention all the requirements in the following section:

  1. Application Form
  2. Birth Certifacate
  3. A letter of consent, if you’re underage, from your parents
  4. A recent photo for the passport
  5. A copy of National Identification Number
  6. The fee for a passport, which is N5,000

Renewal Passport

The passport will expire after 5-10 years, so you must get it renewed. Provide the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. A recent photo for the passport
  3. A copy of your old passport
  4. The fee for a new passport, which is N2,000

Procedure to Apply for the International Passport

  1. Download the Application Form from the Nigerian Immigration Service website, fill it out, and sign it.
  2. Attach a copy of your recent passport style photo, National Identification Number, and birth certificate to the form.
  3. If you are underage, meaning under the age of 18, you must provide a consent form that is signed by your parents.
  4. Pay the fees for the International Passport and submit all of the documents to the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  5. Once you have submitted the application and payed the fee, you will get an Application ID and reference number. Moreover, you will also get an verification number.

Cost of International Passport in Nigeria

For Nigerians looking to travel overseas, obtaining an international passport is necessary. But what does it cost to acquire this essential document? The fees depend on key factors. Your age also determines the price. These variables allow for customized options for each traveler’s needs. Two passport booklet options exist – 32 pages or 64 pages.

The official Nigerian Immigration Services website lists current pricing in the passport guidelines section. Reviewing this reliable source allows you to confirm up-to-date charges before applying. Proper budgeting requires knowing the latest costs. To streamline the process, passport payments can be made digitally in Naira or US dollars. This convenience helps applicants avoid hassles.

With preparation and insight into applicable fees, Nigerians can smoothly obtain their passports for international adventures. Check the immigration website first to ensure you understand the price for your preferred booklet. An exciting life of global travel awaits—a passport makes it possible.

Processing time for the International Passport in Nigeria

Just like with the requirements, the processing time for the renewal and a new passport varies. A new passport takes about 6 weeks, whereas for the renewal, it gets done within 3 weeks. One more factor that could take part in the processing time is the high peak time, which is during the summer season.

Where to Apply for the International Passport in Nigeria?

These are the locations where you can apply for the passport:

  1. Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters in Abuja
  2. Any of the State Command Headquarters of the Nigerian Immigration Service
  3. Any of the Passport Offices of the Nigerian Immigration Service

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, in order to get an international passport in Nigeria, one must follow the guidelines established by the Nigeria Immigration Services. Nigerian nationals are able to travel the world and participate in international endeavors because to this essential travel document.

Applicants must fulfill the requirements in order to be granted an international passport; these requirements may include supplying relevant documentation, such as a birth certificate, evidence of Nigerian citizenship, and a current identity card. In addition, candidates must correctly fill out the application and pay the requisite amount.

It should be noted that the particular criteria could change over time, thus the best way to get the most recent information is to visit the Nigeria Immigration Services’ official website.

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