How Much Time It Takes To Get an International Passport in Nigeria

Crossing borders to see the world frequently necessitates the proper paperwork. A Nigerian international passport is necessary for Nigerians who want to go abroad. Getting one can be complicated, particularly for first-time visitors who are not aware of the procedure or expenses. Let’s Find out the Length of the Whole Procedure of Getting an International Passport.

The most important things to think about while applying for a passport are broken down in this article. We will go over the procedures and give an explanation of the current prices. With these tips, you can apply for a passport with ease and steer clear of unforeseen costs.

With a passport, you may go to new places and pursue your travel goals, whether they involve an African safari or a vacation in Europe. Allow us to guide you through every step of obtaining this essential travel document.

International Passport

When traveling to another country, you need more than just a bag; you also need an international passport, which is a necessary travel document. Passports, which are issued by governments all over the world, allow us to travel across borders and explore the world lawfully. What are they, though, and why are they essential for anybody traveling the world?

A passport contains certain personal facts, such as your complete legal name, birthdate, passport number, expiration date, photo, and signature, which are used by officials overseas to verify your identification and citizenship status. This verification attests to your identity and your right to leave your country of origin as a citizen.

Moreover, passports come with blank visa pages where you may record your travels with stickers and entrance stamps from other countries. Your passport is your key to easily navigating the globe. It gives you the freedom to travel across boundaries and experience other cultures. While a modest booklet, it signifies your membership in a worldwide society.

A passport is a vital need for travel, serving several purposes, such as verifying identity and granting entry into any country. It makes traveling the world freely a reality and crystallizes the idea of global citizenship. Traveling the globe is made possible by your passport, so never leave home without one.

Procedure to Apply for an International Passport in Nigeria

Do the following steps keenly to get your International Passport:

Go to the Portal of Nigerian Immigration


Go to the Nigerian Immigration Portal’s main page to start the application process.

Choose the Application Form

Select between the MRP-passport application form and the E-passport application form.

Choose the Type of Passport You Want

Click “Start application” after selecting “official e-passport” or “standard e-passport.”

Fill out the Application Form that you Chose

Fill it out with appropriate and verified information. Don’t write any wrong information on it.

Submit the Form

There will be a button to submit the application; click on it and view your application details.

Go to the Online Payment

Go to Online Payment by selecting “Proceed to Online Payment.”

Choose your Currency

You can either pay in dollars or in naira, so select whatever you want.


Payment Method

Payment at a Bank :


  • Click “Bank” to proceed.
  • After viewing the list of banks that are participating, click “Continue.”
  • Together with the Transaction ID, Application ID, and Reference Number, print the “Payment Acknowledgment Slip”.
  • After paying at the bank, you will receive a receipt labeled “approved payment platform provider” along with a Validation Number.

Making a credit or debit card payment:


  • Click “Credit/Debit Card” to proceed.
  • Enter your login information, go to the payment gateway, and complete the transaction.
  • The created Validation Number should be saved.

Payment Confirmation

  • To verify the payment on the NIS portal, use the Validation Number.
  • Put the Reference Number and Passport Application ID in here.
  • Pull up the Applicant’s Details tab and make a note of the date of the interview.
  • For the interview, print the acknowledgement slip or receipt.

How Much Time Does It Take In Nigeria To Get An International Passport?


In Nigeria, the average processing period for an international passport is three to six weeks. It is essential to acknowledge that a multitude of circumstances, such as the volume of applications, administrative considerations, and the effectiveness of the immigration office, might impact the processing time.

How to Print the Passport Guarantor’s Form and Your Receipt When Applying for a Nigerian International Passport

To print your passport guarantor’s form and receipt for your Nigerian international passport application, follow the procedures listed below:

  • Go to the portal’s home page and select the “Query your application payment status” option in order to print the NIS e-Receipt.
  • Choose “Passport” as the kind of application.
  • Input the Application ID, Reference Number, and (if relevant) Validation Number.
  • After submitting the information, select “Print receipt” to get a copy.
  • Go to the main page of the Nigeria Immigration Service to produce the Passport Guarantor’s Form.
  • Enter the acknowledgement slip’s ID number and reference.
  • Print the form’s first and second pages.


In Nigeria, obtaining an international passport is a multi-step procedure that includes submitting an application, making a payment, and having it verified. An international passport often takes three to six weeks to process; however, this might vary depending on a number of circumstances. It is important to get in touch with the Nigerian Immigration Service or the passport office directly to stay up to date on the most recent regulations and processes.

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