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How To Get BVN With Phone Number

If you misplace your phone number, retrieving your BVN may seem difficult. Fear not, even if the procedure seems intimidating! In this post, we’ll explain how to get your BVN without a phone number so you can easily access your money and continue with your financial transactions.


Whether you are a seasoned banker or a first-time account holder, this tutorial will help you obtain your BVN returns quickly by guiding you through retrieving BVN without a phone number.

What Is Bank Verification Number (BVN)


The BVN is a mandatory, unique personal identifier for all bank customers in the country. To enroll, individuals must physically visit CBN-accredited centers to provide biometrics, including fingerprints, facial scans, and personal information. These details are crosschecked before a distinctive 11-digit BVN is issued.

Linking the BVN to all personal bank accounts enables seamless tracking of transactions and identifying suspicious transfers. It also makes it tougher for fraudsters to operate multiple fake accounts. From the bank’s standpoint, the BVN facilitates robust know-your-customer checks and improves credit risk profiling.

Another key objective of the BVN system was promoting financial inclusion across Nigeria. Rural dwellers lacking formal IDs can now open accounts using their BVNs as a means of identification. Biometric ATMs configured to verify BVNs have also expanded access to banking services.

Importance of BVN

Topmost is enhancing security against fraud and money laundering. Linking the 11-digit BVN to all individual bank accounts enables tracking transactions across multiple banks and flagging suspicious transfers quickly. This safeguards customers against unauthorized account access and improves overall system integrity.

The BVN has also accelerated financial inclusion, providing indigent populations and rural dwellers with valid IDs to open bank accounts. Biometrically enabled microfinance banks leverage BVN verification to serve unbanked segments.

For customer onboarding, the BVN now forms a core component of robust know-your-customer procedures mandated by the CBN. Verifying identities through the BVN system significantly minimizes the risks associated with financial crimes.

Steps to get the BVN without a Phone Number

Since BVN is often associated with a certain phone number, having that number on hand is always necessary to obtain your Bank Verification Number.

However, you can follow five simple procedures if you need to get your Bank Verification Number (BVN) but don’t have access to the account’s phone number.

Get to the Nearest Branch of your Bank

If you do not have your phone number, you must go to your bank to obtain your BVN. This is the simplest and most direct method. To establish your identity, you must present some documentation, such as your driver’s license, national ID card, or international passport. Your BVN will be retrieved for you as soon as your identification has been confirmed.


The Portal of BVN Retrieval

Using the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) BVN retrieval page, you may obtain your BVN without a phone number. Entering “BVN Retrieval Portal” into a search engine will take you to the portal.


You must enter the necessary data once on the BVN retrieval gateway page. This includes your date of birth, first and last names, and any other personal data the portal asks for. To prevent mistakes, ensure you have entered your information accurately by checking it twice.


In addition, you will be asked for a backup contact number, which might be an email address or another phone number you can use.

Use the BVN Tool for Lookup

Use the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) BVN lookup service as an alternative if you cannot visit a bank office. With the help of this tool, you may look for your BVN by entering personal details such as your first and last names and birthdates. Use the BVN lookup tool by doing the following actions:

  1. Visit the CBN website’s BVN lookup page.
  2. Give your birthdate, first name, and last name.
  3. The security code should be entered precisely as it appears on the page.
  4. Press “lookup BVN.”

You will be prompted with your BVN on your screen in no time.

Helpdesk of BVN

To get your BVN without a phone number, you may also contact the BVN helpdesk by email or their toll-free number. To confirm your identity, you must submit your data and a legitimate identification form.

Visit a National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Office

You can visit a local NIMC office if you have enrolled for the National Identification Number (NIN) and have it with you. They can help you regain your BVN by utilizing your NIN and other proof of identity. Please remember to carry proper identification, such as your NIN, to speed up retrieval.

Secure your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Do the following things always to keep your BVN safe:

Please Don’t Share it

It would be best to treat your BVN as private information and never divulge it to third parties, including strangers or those posing as bank employees. Your bank or other appropriate government organizations should be the only ones to get your BVN when required.

Keep your documents secure.

Identification cards and bank statements are critical papers that should be kept securely and contain your BVN. Please keep them in a safe or a locked drawer to avoid unwanted access.

Keep checking your Accounts.

Keep a close eye on your transaction history and bank records, and report any unusual behavior to your bank immediately. Writing any fraudulent transactions as soon as possible may help safeguard your money and stop more damage.

Update Contact Information

Make sure your bank has your most recent and routinely updated contact information. By doing this, you can be certain that you will get crucial notifications and alerts about the activity on your account. If your email address or phone number changes, inform your bank immediately.


Getting your BVN without a registered phone number could take some work and paperwork, but it is still possible. There are ways to get your BVN back into your bank account, including going to the bank branch, calling customer care, using internet portals, or going to the NIMC offices for help.

Always remember to bring legitimate documentation to verify your identity during the recovery procedure and, more importantly, keep your Bank Verification Number safe.

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