How To Get The National Identification Number Online

A Nigerian citizen or authorized resident is individually identified by their National Identification Number (NIN), an 11-digit number. Since everyone was legally required to register with the National Identity Database (NIDB), this system was implemented to reduce fraud nationwide. Following registration, the person is given a distinct NIN number that is selected at random. You may finish your NIN registration online and avoid the inconvenience of a physical registration; this article will walk you through the process. The simplest method to complete the process is to understand how to apply for NIN registration online.

National Identification Number (NIN)

The National Identity Database (NIDB) uses an individual’s NIN, a unique collection of 11 numbers, to link all their information. This enables the government or any authorized institution to confirm that person’s identification. If that person passes away, their NIN is retired with the presentation of a death certificate to the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC).

Enrollment for NINs is mandatory for all Nigerian nationals and legal residents, as per the official decree. All age ranges are included in this bracket (from zero and upwards). NIN is required for several purposes, including loan applications and company startup. For agencies like immigration, law enforcement, and the electoral commission, the NIN provides a verifiable identity database that aids national security efforts, tracking, and service delivery.

How can I apply online for NIN registration?

It is more of a pre-registration than a genuine registration, even though you may apply online for your NIN registration. You must use the NIMC pre-enrollment site to apply for your NIN and adhere to the provided steps.

You have three options on the portal: fill out the enrollment form straight online before printing it, print it out and fill it out by hand, or download it and fill it out online. It would be best to travel to any NIMC enrollment center after that. Please note that you may also visit the center if you want help completing the form, and a center agent will attend to you.

Your digital signature, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder photo, and demographic information are collected during the real NIN enrollment process. With these tools, you may ensure that no information about you is already in the National Identity Database by cross-referencing any existing records. These days, most KYC processes, such as credit applications, ask for the NIN.


The following paperwork and information should be brought with you when you visit any NIMC enrollment center:

  • BVN
  • Old National Identity Card
  • Accurate Immigration Records
  • Voter’s Card (both permanent and temporary are allowed)
  • Certificate of Tax Clearance
  • Nigerian International Passport Employee Identification card from a private organization that is authorized and registered
  • The Origin Certificate
  • ID card for government employees
  • Attestation letter from a well-known member of the community or a local religious leader
  • A declaration of age or birth certificate and an NHIS ID card

You couldn’t finish your registration without this essential NIN registration paperwork.

Step-by-step procedure to do NIN online registration

To register for your NIN, adhere to the steps listed below:

First step:

  • Visit NIMC’s official Pre-enrolment portal to obtain and print your pre-enrolment slip.
  • Go to the official Pre-Enrollment site and complete the NIMC Pre-enrollment form online.
  • Make sure you fill out the required field with the accurate information only.
  • After finishing, double-check for any mistakes.
  • Print the Pre-Enrollment form immediately from the NIMC portal by downloading it and using a 2D barcode.

Second Step:

  • At any NIMC Registration Center, turn in your paperwork.
  • Proceed to bring the above documentation to the nearest NIMC registration center.
  • An enrollment officer would check your pre-enrollment form and any other compliance documentation needed to accept your application at the registration center.
  • The enrollment officer will take you to the biometric capture station if all your paperwork is for the registration to be completed. After acquiring your ten fingerprints and face scans, you will be given a Transaction ID slip as proof of the transaction.

Those who are illiterate should go with someone who can read and write, and children should go with their parents or legal guardians. This will assist in completing forms and providing further personal data.

To finish the registration process, all minor candidates must also submit a valid birth certificate and a NIN slip from one of their guardians.

Third Step:

  • NIN Issuance
  • After completing enrollment, you will get a National Identification Number (NIN) within two to three business days. Visit the enrollment center where you registered to pick it up.
  • This process might occasionally take longer, particularly because of NIMC’s data validation protocols.
  • You must show the transaction ID slip you provided as soon as you complete registering to obtain your NIN slip.


Need of NIN

Your National Identity Number is helpful for others to identify you, just like your phone number is for them to get in touch with you. During any verification or authentication procedure, this number links you with your biometrics and other information in the National Identity database.

These days, your NIN is required for several enrollments that no citizen or Indigenous person can complete without it. Carrying it about is dangerous as it might be misplaced, stolen, or used fraudulently.

The following are some of the processes that require your NIN:

  • How to get a National e-ID card
  • requesting a foreign passport to travel and board a plane
  • How to get a permanent voter’s card
  • Registration of SIM cards and Connecting
  • Creating and using bank accounts
  • Enrollment in the National Health Insurance Program
  • Getting a license to drive
  • Contributory pension plans and the activities associated with them
  • Every land deal governed by the Land Use Act
  • Enrollment in the Nigerian government’s welfare and social programs Tax payment


Having a National Identity Number is crucial if you’re a citizen or lawful resident of Nigeria. Because of this, you have to be aware of how to apply online for NIN registration. You may quickly and conveniently complete your pre-enrollment and enrolment to receive your NIN by following the above-described processes.


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