How to Check the BVN on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel

BVN is a method through which the bank identifies or verifies its customers when they make transactions. Moreover, it helps in identifying fraudulent transactions. There are multiple Bank Verification Numbers for different bank accounts, and the customers must know the various combinations of their numerous accounts. Therefore, one must read the guide to check the BVN on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel.

This article aims to help you check your bank verification number on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel. Furthermore, to help you learn this quickly, we will break down each instruction and teach you step-by-step how to check your BVN on various services.

This article will also explain the importance of checking the BVN regularly to avoid fraud. Moreover, we will guide you through your queries and what to do if you face any problems.

Guide to Checking Your BVN on MTN Via MyMTN App and USSD Code

There may be different ways to check the BVN on MTN, but only two are significant and authentic. We will discuss them in the following section:

Checking your BVN ON MTN Via USSD Code

Every service provides a dial code to check the BVN. For MTN, dial *565*0# to check the BVN directly. When you dial the code, in a few seconds, you’ll receive a notification on your number about the BVN.

Having at least twenty nairas in your MTN account is the prerequisite for dialing the code.

How to Check your BVN ON MTN Via USSD MyMTN App

Follow the following steps for the MyMTN App:

  1. You must sign up if you don’t already have an account.
  2. Use your phone number to Login.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a “More” option; click on it.
  4. The “More” option will open a list of options; select “My Bank” from them.
  5. Now, you can check the BVN associated with your account.

How to Check BVN on Glo

Compared to MTN, checking your BVN on Glo is easy and straightforward. You can do it if you have an active Glo SIM card and enough balance in the account. If you have the mentioned stuff, follow the following steps:

  1. Dial *565*0# from your Glo SIM and choose “1” to confirm the inquiry for BVN.
  2. Enter the last four digits of your account number and press “1” to continue.
  3. Rewrite the last four digits of your bank account number, and the BVN will appear on your phone screen.
  4. Save the BVN in some private folder for future online transactions.

How to Check BVN on 9Mobile

Similar to Glo, verifying the BVN is easy, and follow the following steps:

  1. Dial *565*0# from your 9Mobile; enter your 11-digit account number when the option appears.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions and enter your 9Mobile PIN.
  3. To complete the verification, enter the last six digits of your debit card.

How to Check Your BVN on Airtel

There is no need for an account balance; you need WiFi/mobile data and your Airtel SIM to check the BVN on Airtel:

  1. Open the dial app and enter *565*0#.
  2. Select the “Check BVN” option and provide the necessary details.
  3. the BVN will appear on the screen once you enter the details.
  4. an SMS will be delivered to your phone number with your BVN for additional security purposes.

Why Should You Link Your Phone Number to Your BVN

Securing your money and identity has never been more crucial in our digital age. That’s why linking your phone number to your Bank Verification Number (BVN) is essential. This simple step creates an added layer of protection between you and fraudsters looking to steal your hard-earned cash.

Your BVN is your key to the bank vault, providing exclusive access to your accounts and financial information. Connecting your phone adds another deadbolt to the door, making it exponentially harder for scammers to breach. No more worrying about criminals tricking customer service into handing over your details.

The Central Bank of Nigeria had the foresight to require BVNs for all bank customers. This identifier lets you securely manage accounts across institutions in one place. Pairing your mobile phone with this powerful tool instantly locks down your accounts.

Gone are the days of forgotten passwords and security questions. With your phone linked, you can log in using biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition—quick, convenient access whenever you need it, without fumbling through your memories. You’ll wonder how you ever banked any other way.

Do yourself a favor and take control of your financial security today. Linking your phone number with your BVN is a fast, simple way to activate the ultimate fraud protection. You work hard for your money. Make sure it stays where it belongs – safe in your accounts. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.

What are the Benefits of Linking Your Phone Number with Your BVN?

We have discussed the “why,” so let’s discuss its benefits.

  • It keeps your identity safe and makes the transactions more straightforward.
  • Online banking becomes more secure.
  • You can always secure your data if you forget your credentials.
  • You can enjoy different deals and exclusive discounts from your SIM companies.
  • Connecting your phone number will not only secure you but will also make your account more authentic.
  • You can always check your account activity to avoid any unnecessary activity.


Checking your bank verification number on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Artel has never been easier than this. Moreover, securing the BVN is essential to avoid any fraud. Try to link your BVN and phone number to keep everything simple and secure.

We have discussed everything you need to know about the Bank Verification Number, how to check it, and why it is essential.

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