How To Create Virtual NIN (VNIN)

NIMC’s announced discontinuation of the NIN verification protocol has essentially terminated all third-party verification providers previously connected to the system.

“The Virtual NIN Verification (VNIN), a tokenized version of the service, has now taken its place.”

This is a summary of the implications of this most recent development for your customers and business.

What is VNIN or virtual NIN?

A tokenised version of the 11 digital NINs is called the Virtual NIN, or vNin. Rather than using the 11-digit numbers that were first utilised, it contains 16 alphanumeric characters that may be used to authenticate the identity of your consumer. To put it simply, the vNIN is similar to an OTP code that a NIN holder generates and sends to a company for validation.

Thanks to the launch of VNIN, your consumer no longer has to provide you with their actual NIN. Instead, they offer the 16 alpha-numeric characters that the NIN owner created. Because the vNIN was only issued by the ID owner, who holds an NIN from NIMC, it is legitimate.

In other words, the VNIN functions similarly to the NIN in that it may be utilised to prevent fraud by verifying customers prior to their onboarding into your company platform.

Connecting the VNIN to Your Company

Now, let’s dive into the detailed procedure for integrating the VNIN with your platform.

First step:

If you’re linked through our API site, we will send you updated documentation. This will function as a roadmap for a smooth integration. With the exception of the VNIN, this documentation is identical to the one you are currently familiar with.

Second Step:

Clients can use the MWS NIMC Mobile App, where they must enter their agent code in the “generate VNIN” page or the USSD command *346*3*Your NIN *Agent code#) to generate their vNIN. After everything is finished, the customer will receive an SMS with a VNIN token.

Step Three:

Your customer will give you the 16-digit VNIN created via USSD or the MWS NIMC Mobile App. You may use this number to contact our API and get the customer verification outcome.


To utilise YV OS, just complete steps 1 and 2, then provide the customer’s VNIN under the “identity” and “verification” services. Nothing has changed; our software has merely been modified to validate client vNINs from prior NIN verifications.

What More About vNIN Do You Need to Know?

Now that the fundamentals have been established let’s review some more details concerning NIN:

  • The produced VNIN is only used once during the token’s life cycle.
  • The token’s 72-hour expiration date is associated with VNIN.
  • Unlike the present NIN, which is only an 11-digit number, the vNIN has both alphabets and numbers.
  • To produce a VNIN using the MWS NIMC app or via USSD, your clients can only use the phone number associated with their NIN.

The present NIN cannot be accepted as an identity by retailers or service providers because NIN verification has ceased legally. Those who disobey may face penalties and prosecution.

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